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Unified Design Language

One of the largest necessities that follow after the acquisition of EMC by Dell was to align the Dell and EMC support experiences into a unified visual language. At first, we focused on a redesign of the support homepage, then tackled the overall product support experience. 


Throughout those projects, we took entirely disparate experiences and merged them into a new, more mature visual system that falls neatly into Dell’s greater brand voice. With the support of another senior designer, I oversaw the formation and growth of a brand new Design System for the future of Dell's Online Support visual brand. 


While redesigning the product support experience, we are able to apply and test our visual styles. Once we were aligned internally, we began socializing it to the wider team to build a consensus on this strategic design approach with our extended team of 40+ stakeholders and leadership on the Dell and EMC side of the business. 


From there, we socialized this visual direction with other design teams outside of support in order to increase adoption throughout the online Dell design organization.

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