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Design Language System & Graphite Release

Tk20 is a web-based software application that consists of over 2500+ pages. After a decade, the application needed to be extensively reviewed, redesigned and recreated. Not only that, but accessibility had also become a major concern to our clients and to the company. Tk20 needed to release a modern product that was consistent, user-friendly and accessible for all users. 


Since the software was implemented for the first 12 years by 30 developers working independently with no design direction, this resulted in a complicated product with a lot of inconsistencies. Creating a DLS for the distributed teams to reference and utilize was extremely necessary as we defined success. 


I've worked closely with the team to create a complete design library with over 100+ visual elements. Having this online DLS was crucial to help us be consistent, reuse component codes, and easily maintain changes to the interface.

Due to an NDA, I cannot publicly share additional details about this project. 

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