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DELL Support Site Integration

After the acquisition of EMC by Dell, our business partners received feedback indicating that our customers would like to see a fully integrated experience between the two support experiences, with EMC traditional serving enterprise users exclusively and Dell serving small/medium businesses and consumer products.


By thoroughly cataloging all page variations, the UX team was able to create a fully unified framework that introduced UX enhancements and accommodated the informational differences between the two platforms and two user types.


Working in tandem with another designer, we created a new design language to streamline production. The team also conducted frequent and thorough user testing throughout the project allowing us to make rapid changes. 


Upon initial release the updated support pages have been met with positive response increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) 32% for support content, generating high CSAT (70%) for a new proactive diagnostic tool we introduced, and increased engagement with the most helpful tool on the page by 166%.

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